The beginning of everything{chapter one

Nace2022/07/14 23:23

A fair princess got her memories wiped and she was sent to the past as punishment for revealing the secret of creation

The beginning of everything{chapter one

''Jane come see! I got a new one!"

In comes my wife with a stunning blue dress matching her eyes. She was a busty young lady with a beautiful face, long black hair, and an alluring body. She has always been special since the day I met her, but hidden in my heart holds secrets I can’t keep anymore.

‘’You and your books’’ she said, holding my shoulder ''what’s? this one about?."

, it’s about a queen who ruled a kingdom and they knew her as the anflik and she addressed hear people saying “there is no difference between the end and the beginning the only difference is”

-“time’’ Jane completed my statement and I was shocked, how did she know? is it all coming back?

“Your book will have to wait. Remember, you got a job interview today’’,

o no! I forget I had an interview. I was going for a job as a cook for that fancy restaurant 10 blocks away,

‘’and that is why I am here to remind you’’ she said jokingly, as she collected the book from my hands.

No, wait! I m not finished.


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