An Advice About Life

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A page from a section of The Songs of Lexicon entitled, A Father's Words, which is about a father advising his son.

An Advice About Life

My son,

Heed my advice

And it shall be well with you

Follow my teachings

And prosperity shall be yours

Trust no one

Not even your parents

Unless their deeds merit it

But still you should trust no one completely

It hurts most when you get betrayed by the ones you trust

You can choose to fall in love

But don't let your love for someone

Cloud your judgement

Don't let love blind your eyes

And don't let it block your ears too

Now that you are young

Enjoy your youthful days

Learn all that you can

Go on adventures

But don't forget to get a stable source of income

When you are old enough,

Find a woman who deserves your love and trust

Marry her

And make a family with her

And make sure you are wealthy enough

To support your family

A father's Words
Songs of Lexicon

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