Advocate Rusere endorseds Chamisa

Nameless2022/07/12 19:35

Outspoken former Zanu Pf top CIO and Lawyer Advocate Talent Rusere dinally endorseds Chamisa, rwad below

Advocate Rusere endorseds Chamisa

According to my first-ever comprehensive survey on political violence, i found that Zimbabwe saw *1,482 violent attacks* against local political activists between *2017 and 2022.* Through such insurgents about *987 lost their lives* and atleast *233 young woman were widowed* with children between the age of *5-15* years. *Atleast 423* citizens were *permanently injured* so far while about *72 opposition activists* were imprisoned. The undertaken count *clearly proves* beyond doubt that Zanu Pf holygans are *targeting the young opposition activists.*

Due to *cronyism and nepotism* by the regime ,*Zanu Pf politicians are highly contributing to such organized crime* sharing illegal profits with the mob for *power keeping.*

In my investigations i found that *Mr Mnangagwa* who is the sitting President of Zimbabwe and his 2 sons *are top leaders of the AAG with a 62% Shareholding* card which practically means that *AAG belongs to Mr Mnangagwa and his family*. AAG is a *Zanu Pf cartel group that's frequently threatening opposition politicians* running the *local governments* to obtain *government contracts* that pay handsomely for waste management, construction and other public services.

*AAG* is a highly centralized, often international criminal enterprise that seeks to *infiltrate politics and extract public resources* for private benefits in the country and despite how *Zanu Pf tends to pop culture portrayals to romanticize such a dangerous phenomenon,* it’s all too real for those whose lives it affects to whom i believe have already experienced enough.

*May God* help our beloved people and grant us *the so much needed change of regime.*

*#NgaapindeHakeMkomana #CCC*


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