Angle Write2022/07/12 14:11

Treasure that cannot be spilled,

You'll choked when not being cared

That sweetness that gourmets search,

The aroma which no one could match,

Its bitterness is its natural fragrance

As if its soaked on hot springs—

Being mixed by Shiva's silver spoon,

Filled upon Aphrodite's lovely cup—

It was a masterpiece by the gods,

As the essence of that resourceful taste;

It will never end and fade in the tongues of man,

It is such a reminiscing fantasy that no one wishes to wake up,

As its savors spread up in the minds of the intellects,

Even the deity of wisdom would like to consume

It is will always be found on the kitchen of Hera,

Where Zeus complains when not being offered in the morning.


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