I can't believe you're mine

Ikra2022/07/17 23:51
I can't believe you're mine

It was a great, bright harvest time.

We'd quite recently left the café. At the point when we strolled by, she had laughed and pulled me inside, saying, "Hey now, we should be essential white young ladies and get some pumpkin zest!"

I could do without espresso. I won't ever have. Yet, when she gave me my cup and investigated my eyes while I attempted it, it was the best thing I'd at any point tasted.

My hand actually shivered where she got it.

As we strolled through the recreation area with our beverages, a light shower started to fall. She took out an umbrella from her sack, I pulled up my hood and slouched my shoulders.

"Try not to be senseless," she laughed, pulling me under the umbrella with her. I really wanted to chuckle as well, her snicker is irresistible.

As the sun began to sparkle once more, she pulled me down to sit on a seat. She radiated down at me, and I could look back adoringly.

"So Ava… " She started. I knew this manner of speaking, it's risky.

"Who do you like?" She murmured, and I turned away. I needed to say, 'you, you, multiple times you. You're the only one I can at any point ponder. You're lovely and sweet and amusing and… '

All things being equal, I shrugged my shoulders and peered down at my cup.

She checked out at me with a careful grin. "In the event that I let you know mine, will you let me know yours?"

"Alright." I said.

"The individual I like… … is you."

I drop my beverage.


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