Tazix2022/07/11 22:50

Recovering from addiction even when i have to go to prison.

Tick Tick like the rabbit I'm haunted by this clock the hours passing me by like seconds, day one day two I awake from my stupper no more will I be a coward walking around with my head down, I woke up had to man up now I walk wit my head up, family and friends so fed up now I'm rebuilding from the ground up. Even when life got me down ik I can't fuckup, only option is to buck up, in my ear I hear my baby tell me daddy no fuck ups. When bank account at zero I know I can't hustle to build it up. Cause the second i do them red and blues will make sure I'm through. Every day I feel like I got thr flu by thought of telling my babies good bye, I only pray that I'm not for gotten like the clouds of yesterdays sky.


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