Eddie Reign2022/07/11 13:06

My old lover showed up out of nowhere unannounced

Without an invite

Without an apology

My old lover showed up hoping to once more drink from my cup

This wounded cub dragged it's self to my door hoping to be nursed back to health

Because that is what I do

I breath life into you at your lowest

You came as a block of wood and I carved you into a marvel

After my waters ran dry you left to chase waterfalls and when the drought hit you dragged yourself over to my table

You have no business being here

You forget that you were sun kissed on mountain tops living your best life while I mourned

While I tried to fill up the space you left behind

You left smug and now you are back hungry

My apologies to God but I don't think I can make room for you here anymore

I can't serve at my dinner table like I used to

You rolling stone have no business being here


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