I adore you, Milove

Genmar Quijoy2022/07/10 14:03
I adore you, Milove

I don't understand

myself. Everytime

I'll take a glimpse

of your name,

your image vividly

appears in my head.

What does this

mean? I don't even

know you well yet

I can imagine you

with me in future.

Could it be a

sign for destiny?

Everytime you're around,

I feel my heart racing -

as fast as a speeding

bullet. I tried

to look away just

to pretend I'm

not staring at your

gorgeous face.

Now, I feel like

I was a coward;

talking to the moon

and stars, saying

it was you and me.

I know several stars

existed, but I believe

I'm the shiniest one.

Maybe in the end, it

really is the destiny,

this red string

tied on our finger

would finally meet

its edge -

and this is my time

to see the man I

truly deserve,

and it's you, babe.


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