Bhoomi Njan Vazhunnidam - Vedan

Nameless2022/07/09 19:21

Syria, the scar on your chest is bleeding, rotting with flies around.

Korea, the bloodthirsty vultures (eagles) are preying on you.

In the devilry of religion, Mother India is wandering in search of light.

Who’s imprisoned the Mexican Dreams with a wall.

The tigers in Sri Lanka are wandering in thirst

Congo, your mines are brutally murdering thousands of little lives.

Zomalian children are scrambling through in search of a drop of water.

Buddha in Myanmar is armed with weapons, thirsty for blood.

Amazon’s warrior, the forest is weeping from the scar on your chest

On the battlefields of Africa, the mother is grieving her son’s demise

The icebergs in the Arctics are melting, flowing into the sea, invading the land.

The son of New York’s own soil was choked to death, triggering war

The mass genocide of Palestinians is an everyday normal

China, your red flag smells corrupt with the scent of aflamed Quran

With every tear that Malak shed, the mother earth wept.

Bollack, your unsung songs is what my ear is searching for, 6 feet underground.

While Asifa was slaughtered, the Gods guarded the murderers

Aylan, your baby limbs are deep under the sea of tears

The earth, where I bide

Where everyday is becoming hell


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