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Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism . food is usually of plant , animals, or fungai origin , and contains essential nutrients , such as carbohydrates , fats , proteins , vitamins , or minerals .

Nowadays , more and more people are affected by health issues such as diabetes and heart disease which are linked to overconsumption of cheap , mass-produced food .Some people believe the only solution is to make fast food less affordable by taxing it highly . Despite the severity of the problem , i think this is quite wrong . Increasing the tax on food would unfairly penalise people and may not necessarily bring about the desired health benefits. First , fast food is about more than just nutrition , many teenagers spend money on fast food not just because they need to eat out but because this is how socialise .Fast food restaurants provide a safe , convenient place for young people to meet friends . For another group , low-income familes , fast food can be provided an inexpensive treat for their children . Denying people a small pleasure in life could affect their social lives or happiness . Another important point is that if the reason for taxing fast food is to reduce obesity , it may be inffective . It is true that fast food is high in sugar , salt and fat , all of which cause weight gain and are detrimental to our health . However , we also know that there are other

factors which contribute to the risk of obesity , such as lack of exercise and inappropriate portion size . While home- cooked is food generally healthy , this is not always the case . I personally know a family the used to eat high-fat , home cooked food in enormous proportion . They all suffered from health problems due to obesity . On the other hand , i do understand the point of view of those who say drastic action is needed . If fast food were taxed and became expensive , poeple be forced to seek out healtier options . In addition , food producers would have an incentive to provide healthier foods . However , there is likely to be resistance from consumers and produces who want to have a choice . We know that our body requires a continuous supply of nutrients . These nutrients are used by our body to maintain a sound health . Our diet consist of friut , cereals , milk , eggs , vegetables , meat , fish , and many more in varying amounts .

Generally we require three types of food .They are energy giving food , body building foods and maintenance foods .

Energy giving foods : These are foods which give us the energy to move and keep warm . Energy giving food can sometimes be called body fuels . The main energy foods are carbohydrate and fat . Carbohydrate food include rice , yam , potatoes , corn , bread , margarine and cooking oil .

Body building foods : These foods provide the important of chemicals we need to repair worn out part of the body . The main body-buiding foods are proteins examples are meat , egg , meat , fish and many more .

Maintenance foods : These are foods that are needed in small amount to control our metabolism and keep our bodies running smoothly . The main maintanance foods are vitamins , minerals and water .

We should always eat a balanced diet , A balanced diet is a meal which contains all the essential food nutrients in their right proportions . And an unbalanced diet is a diet that contains too little or too much of one of the food nutrient .

To conclude although imposing a higher tax on fast food could have some positive effects , these would be outweighed by the drawbacks . For one thing , some sectors of society would feel victimised , and there is also the fact that simply raising tax would not result in a much healthier society . What we really need is greater awareness of diet cheaper healthy food . For more information like my blog and also tip me a bitcoin thank you


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