Money Power Dreams Life

Nameless2022/07/08 22:36

In the conclusion you can decide....! If you think the faith is against you this may connected well I guess. I am not a negative person but this fucking world is full of negatives every one want to live for themselves only no one cares. Even now some of us can't accept the way that I said "Everyone" yah some one disagree. But for me it's a truth. I want to say something to the world from the bottom of my heart and my soul. The story of me and my mind versus the fucking world

Money Power Dreams Life

Me too was born in the most beautiful place in earth that what we believe. My childhood was awesome and adventures, because there is nothing I can remember about my childhood.Did you know I can see my whole 12 years in just a blinking,what I just seen is my cousin sisters only.

Forward ⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩

I love to smoke , drink

I completed my course and migrated to a foreign country here I lost everything I lost the fucking life mahn.Did you know why we are living here for a fixed time? For almost fixed periods,but why,for whom?

(To be continued...I'm sleepy)


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