The did had been done

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Do the right thing at the right time

The did had been done

The did had been done

It rains heavily, that all the pass way was full of erosion, a blind man was on his way to his begging spot (where he normally stands and beg for help) on his way he got to a place filled up with erosion he slow down to observe the wave of the erosion.

A man was coming opposite him the man stand watching the blind to cross the erosion without helping him out.

The blind man proceeded to cross the erosion the erosion unfortunately he slipped and fell down but never lost courage to continue he stood up and continued

When the man saw the blind man slipped he rushed back to help him but the blind man had already cross the erosion.

A little kid sitting on a bench saw everything and “said that man is a wicked person“

The man was mad at himself but he had made the mistake, then he thought of going back to the blind man to ask him some questions

Why did you cross the erosion by your self when you can ask for help for that. 

And when you slipped you did not asked for help again 

The blind man answered my dear life is challenge, which people faces different challenges every day I crossed the erosion is not because I can see but because I determined to cross and also encourage my self that I can do it.

He further said such is life my dear there are things you have to do for your self before others will determine to help you up because life is challenge.


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