Selfish father

Nameless2022/07/08 13:16

A story about family of seven In this family Mr And mrs dusor has 5 beautiful children but the father abandoned the children and live a wayward life which later kill her wife . And after the woman dealt the children grow up and hate the father very much because they believe it was his wayward attitude that kill their mother.the children was successful which their father did not expect because he believed female children are dusor later realized his mistakes but it was already late for him so he die of regret

There is a family called dusor ,Mr And mrs has five beautiful children which they are all girls but Mr dusor believe female children are useless so after his last born Mr dusor left husband family and started a wayward life but mrs dusor is a very hard working woman who believe in her children so she work very hard to raise them after 3year mr dusor married another wife who give birth to two boys Mr dusor was very happy because it was like a dream come true to him so he started working very hard to raise his boys while two of mrs dusor daughter has already graduated .

After 5year Mr dusor new wife left with his children them it was very painful to Mr dusor because it was very shameful for him to go back to his old family but husband wife was a very warm heart person so she took him back but all the children refused.

So after 6month Mr And mrs dusor started living together mrs dusor was spiritual attacked by Mr dusor new wife because she took mr dusor back so she was very ill,furtunate for her she has very caring children to take care of her.they started treating her but she was not getting better while mr dusor pretended has if he didn’t know his wife was ill, the children really try their best by take good care of their mother so when they realized she was not getting better they called their father for help but he didn’t show till mrs dusor die.

It was unacceptable for her children to accept their mother is dead but their is nothing they can do about it

So they grow up hating their father so much because they believe he kill their mother ,so has their father grow old they didn’t take care of him in revenge of what he did to their mother mr dusor try apologizing but it was failure they didn’t listen to his apology while the other boys turn to wayward person like their father so Mr dusor life was full of regret so he died of regret.End


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