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Our prayers



On our knees O God we pray

That our days be devoid of anguish,

That our moons be ripe with harvest, 

That our skies know no grief.


These are our prayers.


That upon our land shall be 

A boundless growth,

With a bumper harvest, 

To replace our retrogression.


That’s our prayer!


That our cradle of consolation, 

Shall erase scowls off our faces;

Erase deafening voices of hatred and clans of injustice 

And kiss our hearts with unruffled peace.


 That’s our prayer… 


That the Midas of our fate 

will magic our sweats into harvests of joy,

That all stranger weeds shall be weeded out,

for us to thrive,

That our yields increase 

That our seeds blossom  

into fruits and flourish.


That’s our prayer!


That our roses be free of thorns  

to safely pluck our harvest; 

That your orb of light 

shall sprinkle her rays on all. 

      That’s our prayer!

_*© Bashiru Samuel Vonjoe


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