Nameless2022/07/07 22:43


Beneath this blanket of warmth,

Be the pawn to my bareness;

Bare with me flesh to flesh

And see how the electric flow

Of my veins extends an invitation;

Unravel me.

Bury me in the warmth of your hands

Trace the freckles on my cheeks;

Bathe me in your cologne and drown me

To the depth of your manliness;

Shh...Carry me to the moon and let

Your name be on my lips as my only vocab;

Unravel me.

Huh...on the sand of my beaches

Be the champion of my body; my soul

To leave my heart in your shore;

Hold me, tease me, kiss me from my toes

Unncover the goosebumps in my velvet skin,

Then to my neck unto my lips let notes

Of our breaths' fill the void spaces

And roll to the ecstatic dance of our tongues.

Oh yeah...dig your root into my soil,

Oh deep to the depth of my core!

Till you find water, deep enough

Untill you find my oil down below,

And leave my body mellowing

To your handprints of love;

Oh please unravel me!

_*© Bashiru Samuel Vonjoe


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