Avakin Is the Next Reigning Online Multiplayer Game

Yahel2022/07/07 20:00

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Avakin Is the Next Reigning Online Multiplayer Game

Avakin Life is a game where you can do things like making jobs, dancing with other Avakins, buying houses or apartments, harvesting vegetables like humble potatoes, interacting with your pets, ordering food at a cafe or restaurant, going to school, chatting online through friend requests and friend codes, earn Avacoins, convert bills to Avacoins (40 game Avabucks are equal to 10 Avacoins), buy clothes, furniture, and join fashion shows, etc. If you wanna discover a lot about how to be an Avakin and what life would your Avakin have, download the game and play now. You may join me through my friend code: KXX-TFK or my brother’s code: KX8-VYT.


This is a game where players called Avakins are free to do anything they want that is only appropriate.

Many players of this game enjoy this online game because of its interaction feature such as dancing with other players which is only possible if you click the action, dance, or pose button. You can also buy those moves with your Avacoins.

1. Multiplayer

Chat with other friends which can be done by whispering means you are chatting with other players privately, you can also chat globally means you and your fellow players can chat as a global group, and you can also chat through group chat means you and your friends you just joined with you in your quest in Avakin Realm can chat anytime you are online.

There are so many hilarious dance moves in this game which you can also buy for 500+ Avacoins.

2. Avacoins can be obtained through working, watching adverts, joining fashion shows, or claiming gifts given by the game itself.

The game is indeed like a real-life world only that you won't die in this game. The only thing that makes you sad, in my own opinion, is when you run out of Avacoins.

There are no Artificial Intelligence Players in this game meaning you are playing with real-life players called Avakins. And maybe this game will be the next romance tool.

3. You may visit your or other Avakins’ apartments.

By clicking the ‘join’ button on the other Avakin you are friends with, you can join their quests anytime you want.

In your apartment, every day you visit there, you will find levitating diamonds 💎 which are useful when ordering some foods in some cafes, restaurants, etc.

4. Playing Radios, and other impossibly possible features.

This experience I owe to my brother, cptn bods as an Avakin.

You choose your genre, and radio station, and then click the play button. Simple and fun.

And you can also swim at the beach (I reside nearby a beach that is why I made it possible).

You can eat or drink even though you don't need to. But you can only eat at a cafeteria or a restaurant.

5. You can do things there are possible in the game.

All you have to do is to roam around the place and explore and try everything you can try.

The graphics are like Pixar movies or Disney movies, and the like.

My words won't be enough but your try can be. So download now and it only has almost 109 or fewer MB which is good for your phone. And its recent update was just on June 29, 2022. So entertaining. Besides, if you won't enjoy it, you can install it anytime you want.

Finally, Avakin Life is a game of opportunity to become rich even in your virtual world, to communicate with people through chatting, to dance with other Avakins, to own several houses or apartments and pets which you can name any name you want, for example, my brother named his panda ‘pandak’ which means midget in English.

Now, my favorite part is I can interact with my friends.

But experience is the best way to know how good this game is.

And after you play this game for the first time, please share with me your experience whether it is good or bad, I am willing to know. Just drop your comment down below and let us see if we can find other Avakins afterward.

I gratify you for perusing my Scribbled Voice. This is Yahel Listens, and you are my Scribbler. Salamat!

Avakin Life Game Download Now!

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