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The Ages 2



I quickly followed the directions of the wind as directed by the arrogant voice in the air. I was there close to a barren city, struggling with my life amidst fear and pain. Moreover, I was confused about the next paths to follow when the voice giggled its way into my ears and said " Run little thing!". It seemed I was courageous enough, I laughed in disguise. "Who are you?, Coward," I asked angrily with a thick voice and took a weak swing at the air. A sudden silence overtook the path I chose; the birds beneath were angrily staring at the polluted air while I felt sympathy. "What could be wrong in this barren land?" I asked myself a question amidst a hopeless effort of walking in webbed footsteps across the city gate. A blind bat gave me the courage, yes it did. It was the first thing that came my way when I unveiled the darkness of the city gate with the antique lantern my companion gave to me, I split the blind bat into two aggressively. I couldn't just imagine the next scene I saw, my sclera became red. It was scary and irritating. I saw bats hovering around the deceased in the city pyre, sucking out their blood through the pores of the flesh while I quivered. Barely four feet from where I was standing was a fainted voice crying for help. It was cool and bad, at least I could find a living amidst the dead. I moved slowly towards the dead pool and aimed for the fainted voice as I turned around dead lying over another. I saw him, lying down and giving me a victorious smile as he creased his brows. I was so scared, and out of options. I taught of cutting off his head, but at the same time, I don't want to be alone in my lost space. I drew nearer to him when I noticed he was weak and closed his lips with my quivering hand. Of course, I don't know the course of his annoying smiles. "What is your name?" I asked as I looked straight into his eyes. He took minutes of silence and turned his deaf ears to me. I angrily pulled his left ear, and screamed close to his ear, "Who are you?".


For all have sinned and come short of the glory of the Ages, it was a bitter experience for humanity. There was a black moon of a great kingdom that rested on the four pillars of the earth about a few millions of years ago. The moon was the source of power to the kingdom till the aliens from Saturn launched an attack on the city and killed the old men of the kingdom. The young monks cursed the aliens and pleaded for revenge from the saddened land of the kingdom. Hatred and love has being from the creation of space and time, hatred overtook the kingdom. The black moon feeder called Aurth deceived nature and cast evil spells against the black moon to enable free access of the aliens to the kingdom.



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