Nameless2022/07/06 02:01

To live within is why l write,

So with words l try to mimic Picasso's actions,

For l cannot paint a drawing,

Rather but l can try to make you feel what l once felt,

For l have a dream foreseen from what l once saw,

So l let the ink tell a story my soul once responded too.

Thus as symbols, syllables and vowels carry a basket of muddled puzzled thoughts,

l lay at eaze to configure the figure that once resided within the midst of an eye,

Whilst the calligraphy font of a pen leaves an iota on paper.

Foretold is the story of a fortuneteller,

l opt to leave with a portrait of words designed in a landscape form of his image,

Hence slowly we hope to foresee what's beyond the eye of our eyes

For the eye only exhibit what's before us,

So as nightfall approaches l lay my pen to rest.


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