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My Teacher

My Teacher

Standing tall with a chalk.

Speaking in a phonetic structure.

That bears a grudge with his tongue.

His dressing code.

White and black.

Besides a blackboard.

He looks like a warden.

Raises his eyebrows.๐Ÿคจ

When questioned.

Racks his brain daily.

To impact positively on his students.

Smiles ๐Ÿ˜€

When he's rewarded with right answers.

Punishes those who he regards as miscreants.

Always picking up pens.

To score the sheets.

Reminding us of his motto.

"Simplicity is not stupidity".

Giving workload as assignment to his students.

Schedules his day according to his subjects.

Always marching into the class with his canes and tutor objects.

Demonstrates his taughts through reactions.

He's a peacemaker of a peaceful town.

Building co-operation among young leaders.

Laying down a good foundation for them.

Building them up to roofing level.

Laying down instructions for their future.

Supervising his students morally and academically.


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