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Alone in a lonely beautiful garden, with plenty of nice flowers, where beautiful sounds of birds in the skies create good melodies in my heart.

Suddenly the sun is setting, oh what a winter!

“I can’t touch anything, my body is cold now, and my fingers are freezing. Oh! I need something warm, but who’s going to warm me up in this lonely place? Oops! Am all alone”. I said to myself.

I needed something warm close to me, I wished somebody could hold me so close, but I was just alone.

I felt like my body was turning into ice such that I couldn’t feel or touch anything.

While I was losing my last strength and courage, I heard a voice whispering to me saying, “don’t worry, am here, it’s gonna be fine”. Then I felt someone holding me so close, the touch I felt was strange, my cold body was now warming up.

The touch was so warm, I heard the voice whispering again, “it’s alright, I am here with you”.

It was a nice feeling, being held so lovely and warmly like a little baby in the arms where one would never want to leave.

It was a nice moment that I never wanted to walk away from. The strange warm touch turned my cold body into a warm body.

As soon as my body was warm, I tried to open my eyes to see the lovely soul who has come to show me care and love, but the strange soul closed my eyes with her lovely and warm palms.

I couldn’t force things because it was a nice feeling. The strange soul cared for me like a mother. I realized the voice was of a female soul. She started singing for me, as I listened to her beautiful voice creating a lovely melody; I fell asleep in her arms. I then saw her bringing nice world fresh fruits for me, she was putting on a beautiful gold linen with bright colors, I couldn’t see her face, because her clothes were very bright, I stepped forward to her, she couldn’t allow me to see her face. So she held my body so close and started narrating a beautiful story about the sun and moon, as she continued with the story, her voice was disappearing slowly. Immediately I found myself alone, she was nowhere near me, I started shouted for her. “Don’t worry I am here with you”, she replied. Oh! What a thing! I realized I slept in her arms and I was dreaming, the woman I saw bringing fresh world fruits in bright gold linen clothes was just a dream. I realized I was sleeping in the arms of the strange soul who warmed my body when I was so cold.

I asked her what was going on; she told me I was dreaming while in her arms. Oh what a nice feeling, she watched over me so attentively, I asked her to tell me her name, but she was quiet. I heard her voice whispering from a far distance saying, “wa….ke……u.p!” then a loud voice shouted while shaking my legs saying. “WENA ZUHA UTO CHA”! (lozi meaning: “wake up, food ‘s ready”).


OH WHAT A DREAM IN ANOTHER DREAM!!! Nasishemo mukelabai


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