Thebeezybee2022/07/05 11:13

I searched for you,

And you seemed to hard to find.

Some say that you are in their riches,

Others say you are in the pot bellied man who spends nights drowning in bottles.

I searched high and low,

Near and far,

Still wondering where to find you.

Another said that you are in fame and power,

The other said that you are in beauty and glamour.

But little did I know that you have been,

And you are all around me.

In the dawning of a new day,

In the smiles of a little child,

In the gentle touch of the gentle wind,

In the move of the beautiful flowers,

In the gentle flow of the rivers,

In my being contented,

And dwelling on the bright side of life.

#thebeezybee #poetry #true #happiness


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