Things he will never know

Nameless2022/07/04 22:25

The life of an average Nigerian child. Involving in diabolical internet fraud.


Hung on the wings of do’s and don’ts

With hope larger than life

And struggles stronger than strengths

Worries that know no bound

Tied around joys more temporal than s*x

At such a tender age

He was a boy

A little boy

Forced into a man, artificially

How happily sharply it ended

Those days of dependence and innocence

Those days of sores from mud play

Mud have become mud for a sixteen

A seventeen wants a Benz

An eighteen want to fly a jet

Prematuredly matured life became

No fault of his was his stake

Life planned, he followed

Listen and hear; I pray you listen

One day in that young heaven

A man stormed out of paradise into the mud

A mud he detest so dearly became his bed

Karma had the last laugh

Evil beget its madness



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