"Do It Yourself" Arroz Caldo

Louma2022/07/05 12:10

Arroz caldo is a popular rice porridge in the Philippines. The toppings are already placed when served. This poem describes my own version, which I call "Do It Yourself" Arroz Caldo.

"Do It Yourself" Arroz Caldo

"Do It Yourself" Arroz Caldo
by Louma 🌿

Here's my simple delightful makeover,
From rice, liver and chicken leftover,
With saffron, lemon grass and lime leaves to savor,
No additives for it's all natural flavor.

Fried shallots, garlic and ginger as condiments,
With spring onions still fresh from my mini-garden,
Assorted toppings are available for you,
Just put them over a bowl of arroz caldo.


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