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Samuel Harris2022/07/04 10:33

Currently, it seems like there are some issues Bellsouth about its working status. Users have found problem while logging in or service interruption or other reasons that leads to inability to access the service they should get.

The user sometimes face problem with their account being hacked or hijacked or compromised by a hacker to take benefits of the services. The account of user cannot be logged in or flagged as a spam or not receiving any emails, if this is your case then your BellSouth account is most probably being hacked.
Here are some common and effective solutions for recovering your hacked account as given in the list below.

·        Try to change your BellSouth email and password that’s strong enough. If the password is not changed by the hacker and verify all the devices on network are not consist of any kind of malware.

·        You have to create a new security question or update it if you already have it.

·        Your computer should be secure from different types of malwares.

·        Check and review your email’s current status.

·        By these steps you can recovery a hacked account and prevent from future hacking. If you would like to know more contact to Bellsouth Technical Support.


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