The haunting of are self

Tazix2022/07/03 14:58

I write only of what ik and feel. So i pray that may oneday god will send an opportunity my way that will allow me to provide for my family befor i lose my self.

The haunting of are self

Depression endlessly depleting, forever corrupting, like a mission it can not and will not stop.

A secret agent with one perpose, there is no where u may hide, i know over time many foolishly have tried.

clam up and refuse to speak, o wait thats right lash out, out of spite. Push them all way, now its time to blame them and pull away. It wont be long now befor you turn all there love to hate.

The wispers of inadequacies seem to stack up like a mountain top. Why must a reel of failures play befor my eyes like an old motion picture brain washing using torture. IT convinceS us that are lifes have no value, we have no purpose lost in a world where no one cares.

Look at them they haven't even noticed that each and every day we awke only to wish, no we hope and pray each day, with no prevail only furthering the disappointment and contempt. Now its ferry that grows deep in are hearts. body aches cold sweets

Mentally and emotionally we are beaten up. Like a pack of wolf this depression has feasted until there is nothing left.

Now we welcome we invite there is no fear about the end, a release of to this pain we know this will be salvation, removal of the torture, just watch and see as we fade away, the burdens we cause will soon evaporate and eliminate any inconvenience are life has imposed. what depression hides from us. Is we left behind.

unanswered questions, confusion, heartache an yes so much pain. This is how she continues. She hops from you into one you love.


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