Thr king in me

Mouh2022/07/03 02:12

Welcome to the land of reality

The king

Once it was told , a king forget what he should

The sky is blue so his eyes , no one know when he crys

Strong as steel , but no one is afread , calling forgiveness whatever it takes

Screaming when he's mad , he's a little crazy and the scepter in his hand making him bossy

finds himself alone , he is a little bit of loner

Try to get his goal and he is lonely still

Fighting in a battle , protecting his home , and when u read his thoughts , darker and darker has become

Rarely see him smile , mostly for his own , he's a little selfish , perfection is hard to be found.

He don't eat a lot , something making him full , it could be sadness , it could be hope , maybe his stomach not that big as we thought

He have a friend , no one denied his existence , calling to play sometimes, to be honest his a little unpleasant.

This is our king , it could be anyone , maybe me maybe u , maybe his friend could be too.


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