My First Love

Annie2022/07/02 16:47
My First Love

The one whom I can count upon

The one who don't leave me alone

He is like a male version of me

With whom I like to share all my secret and fantasy

I get upset when I don't talk to him

I can be myself infront of him

He supports me at my every drop

My day seems incomplete without his talk

Our midnight talks is bliss for me

And his calls fills happiness in my boring routine

I can pour my heart out in front of him without a thought

He is always there to listen to my silly talk

I can never get bored while talking to him

His talks make me happy and excited

And I smile like the happiest being

I smile like an idiot whenever I meet him

The moments spent with him are unforgettable

No one can take his place in my life ever

This quarantine made me miss him even more then ever

Praying to God we'll get to meet soon

I can never think of leaving him alone

I talk childilishy to him

He is cute and his talks even cuter

Without him I can never be happier

I love telling him my day routine

Coz he is the one who listen it with keen

I don't know how to express how much special he is to me

I cry by the thought of losing this special being

I thank God that we met

You are the best blessing from the God I can ever get

And I don't know how to tell you how much important you are to me

Please don't leave me like others did

I'll be broken and couldn't resist

He is like a light to my night

I pray to God our bond never break

And become stronger with every moment that pass by at every take


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