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Demi love

Demilove. Part 1

Far far from what people would consider your typical suburb, was a large yet well hidden township called Grome. Perfectly located on the coast of North Carolina. They had it all it here they had a calisem used for advanced demi God battle training, shopping where by u could buy anything from food,  hygiene products to magical items used on quest, battle armor and every weapon a demo God could everythink about needing.  Heck it even had a game stop. Each person invited to live and train in grome lived in a 4 bed room with 3 of there siblings, and they all had every luxury life could offer. But being to son of Poseidon i lived in my own 7 bed room 6 bath beach house but still my favorite place in all of grome, the  one that I went to often when seeking guidance from dad.  was where the Greece silk road and the Roman trade route met, right there was a huge  pavilion that stood tall and proud, it appeared to be suspended over the red sea. My fathers Hq i guess you could say.  This is where the two roads formed a round about.. And yes this was where the school was, but today at the far side of the courtyard. It looked just like you would imagine the Parthenon would have looked in the hight of it's prime. The entire township appeared as if it had been trapped in time locked away in and gently preserved by  the old man they called the time keeper. in some syfi novel.  This slice of paradise was where people wth Devine and otherwise magical parients,  called home. An just like every other day I found my self waiting for the rest of my gang. As  I stood  in the front of the private school built in the center of the hall of God's, how every day started the same way but today the air felt different the vibe was different today was not going to be like every other day today  in the center of the entrance stood a girl that had red hair that shimmered like the sunrise, this girl had a magnificent aroura that oosed strength and pride. Her determination show in eyes as blue as the ajian sea but her skin appeared to sparkled like a mid summer day. Her beauty was  captivating and I couldnt help my self from thinking out loud how she riviled  Aphrodite her self. As she stood there you simply couldn't miss that something was off about her not necessarily ln a bad way but off as in You simply knew that this girl was going to change the course of your life.  An Honestly it could be that she was wrapped up in a world of mystery. Maybe its that subconsciously i felt she was a super powerful witch  and decided to trap me in a spell that captivated and urged me closer... i could feel her power I could smell her power but she only 16. How could it be possible. I decided to shrug it off. today was the first say of school and i knew that i wanted to start this year off better then last year. What happened last year you asking well the thing is being a Demi God, comes with certain dangers being the only known son of the great and all powerful Poseidon, only made it worse. there are always monsters, other demi gods witches, dorfs ,elfs  and a long list of other things that make it there mission to kill Eat and destroy the children of the God's. and well last year was no different. I had been attacked by 3 vamps and there werewolf that wasn't the strange)

part the weird thing is that they had teamed up with a young prince that had belonged to an aceint elf tribe that lived by the sea in Sicily. This tride  had a special gift, they had the ability to manipulate fire. Long story short the theater room had subsequently caught on fire when Graham incinerated one of the vamps leaving yours truly no choice but to try and keep the school from burning down flood the hole school.  In my defense I did put out the flamage brought down by prince egmora. Struggling to regain  focus I could here  the nasally yet raspy voice  of Lokiem  he was a child of. Hades makimg him have a dark and creep aura around him one that was so strong it hit you like a fart sending sudden chills and would engulf you in the smell of death and decay. and just like that the voice of  his girlfriend kaza a daughter Aphrodite, came blaring like an episode of mean girls being broadcast over a megaphone, and yes being a daughter of the dreamy and o so beautiful Aphrodite  she effortlessly had most beautiful blond hair and  perfect skin her skin glittered  and shined as if she where made of the finest gold and like clockwork the gruff growly voice other best friend Graham a  son of Hephaestus making him capable of building forging and handcraftying  anything that you could imagine. He had made me my new armor after refusing to repair what he called my dinted pop can   he had worked and  appear to do so effortlessly. He had forge my armor  with the highest level of caftmanship and the finest metal in all of Olympus, it had detail of every battle I won and with each battle it formed new ones. it shimmering with a beautiful sea foam blue, this armor was the nicest thing I owned. An as the thought was quickly ambushed by his girlfriend junaper daughter of Ares as  came barrelling down the narrow side walk like an old army tank load  and forceful and if that wasn't bad enough. They had a foot ball game with vamp high this Friday an some how i still had to find out who this NEW girl Was and why she seemed to have taken over every my  labito leaving me star struck and stuck.   And unable to think. she simply was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, hell she walked with a the grace of a love song and left me feeling an ach deep inside, hell I missed her and didnt even know her name. Today mission one... find out what about this girl could effect him this way. As the bell rang and he walked into his first class  eglish 3&comp, at the desk in front stood the fiery glass of ice that has consumed his thoughts and emotional unteathering sinse this morning as he approached the object of bewilderment and growing nervousness every Circuit fireing a 100 miles an hour. And when i got to where she was standing right infront of me. What did I do I made my self look stupid.my  Cheeks turned red as I jetted my  out hand an seid im tazix son of Poseidon and your pretty oooops i mean whats here your name now my hold body was hot and red as Cherry's then she smiled and stepped back And seid thanks taz the name is kaya qnd I'm a daughter of ZUES. AND AS SHE SEID THAT THE HOLEROOM FELL QUIET OTHER THEN The sudden HUMMING OF MURMERING ABOUT some accidents PROFICY. AND SOMETHING ABOUT A NEW ORICAL AND I SWEAR I HEARD SOMETHING ABOUT  TWINS A BALL OF TWINE AND LOVERS FATE. AND HE DEFINITELY HEARD SOMETHING ABOUT THR ORIGINAL ORICAL OF OPLYMPUS PARACLEES .

But had been missing sense the fall of Rome. Any way this was not good. A daughter of zues lovers fate wow. Bury me now. Last thing I need to do is die by the almighty asshole zues. Especially sense it's not like my dad and him even like each other after the hole hostil tale over thing its been a family fued.

4 th period finally but no relief came cause  Graham wouldn't let it go he carried on and on about the hole thing and I honestly it gave me sick feeling  that come lunch Mr. Nepeo, would be pulling kaya and I out and dragging us to the orical of fate... just the thought of all this pressure. This isn't like getting a c if I don't study enough. If we fail the hole world is pretty much screwed. AS The bell rang releasing  4th period, and all the students made there way to the cafeteria just as I had expected Mr Nepeo a tall black man well he was. In this form he was actually a spynix who was cleaver indeed and but had no patience for those who questioned him. Some people say he ate a hero an his satier companion after refusing to retrieve the fleas. Ms. harprea  was very pretty and very dangerous once  a huntress of the Artimes befor she fell in love and was cursed for breaking her vow of chasidey. Now she is forced to work here and does so with the highest level of breivment now. We finally reached the temple of oracles it smelt like an old sewer mixed with the smell of fresh fire works. Guidelines state that only the heros receiving the wisdom of the oracle may enter the temple. "Goodness luck kids" Mr Nepeo stated coldly. As Kaya and I entered the large dark cold temple a sudden whoosh and then cracking as torches lining both sides of the room from onside to the other crackled to life igniting the room in an amber glow. We walked for what seemed to be aboyt 10 min we reached the orcle as he was in deep slumber. I took Kayas hand and I asked u remember what to say. She nodded nervously and together in perfect harmony we spoke the words o great Oracle of fate bestow onto us your great wisdom so we may serve Olympus and the God's. Watch over us as we do fates will. And like that the old burlap sack containing the old dried up mummified remains rose in a bright light she flew around the room and finally came to a stop dead center and said great power greater risk responsible and dependability nvr befor between these two but now the off spring of original 3 born to hate now destined to love, carefull heros your story is one tragedy and and sacrifice but stay true only between the two and u shall triumph. the ball of twin that binds us all will stand befor you the entire time. You shall he blind to is location until you have proven your love. trapped it is like time Oracle PARACLEESave her life  just as this string save Hercules for death could not cut life when Hercules saved his beloved. Just and true was h Is so must the heros of 2 only then Could it save us all but bewarned This veruysame ball of twin once more brought the great hero thesues out of the darkness Unfortunately  he did not let it Banish the darkness from his heart.. he'd my warning heros make the same mistake and u shall fail and it will bring the end to the gods rain. Darkness will consume us all  it will eat away from within. Banish the darkness from your hearts be true only witb the 2 confide in one another find comfort only in thee arms one  for then and only  the will true love prevail when love is embraced  and swaddled within will The lover twin  bind break and set her free from her bandage. If the Oracle PARACLEES  returns to Olympus and she give her PROFICY we shall welcome two new on Olympus but if not death will beseech us all.

Kaya looked at me and stated "Just great imma ether save the world and fall in love  or the darkness that's broken are hearts will stay stead fast. A n all will parish" there was a harshness in her tone and the look she gave sent sent pain through my heart... and I through my hands up and said "just great" and kicked a large stone a told her streanly "you can hate me and u can Carrie on like a victim." I will tell you my heart has been drawn to you, befor I knew your name I missed you. When your body vanishes from my sight my heart begins to ache. So if time is what u need my love I shall wait. And suddenlythe roof of the temple began to open shown them both there first step on this quest was to Atles the titan.  just another day in Parradise. I tHought to my self, as I swallowed a lump of fear only for it to swell back up. The fear finally faded as kaya tightened her grip on my hand, it was true together we were stronger her connection, her touch and eliminated his fear and replaced it with strength, and confidence. she could feed from his power and his to hers, together he felt they were unstoppable he felt they were the only hope of OPLYMPUS. I genitally squeezed her hand and told her in the morning we have to be and the Kemah board walk befor they open.  The platform atles shoulders the weight of the world. Is under a ride called the bullet... "alright taz I'm sry I didn't tell you this befor but I did I spoke with  my father and he   inform me, befor atles there is a hidden passage under the pleasure peir in Galveston, there your father and him left us supplies that we will need inorder to complete this quest, he said they were  gifts from Olympus. Then warned to maintain  are strength stay patient and wait tell the right moment. He also warned nether of us have even begun to tap into are true power, he said we must learn how to fuel each other how to fight together and byll

L the  end we must be able to intertwine during battle, not sure what tht means.  "Hmmm so when will be the right moment" i said "we will know when the time is right taz. He told me to tell your father said  listen to the music of your people it explains it all".  Tomorrow we will need to call upon are fathers I stated  May zues or Poseidon be generous and smile upon us tomorrow and gift us with ride and at that exact moment 2 Pegasusl taz I can hear him, I cam feel him. He is so strong they are so powerful."with my most confident smile I replied "these are the carriers of fortune. Day and night, we are a gift on to the people and may together may we teach them how all to  love and may spartian and Troy teach us how to intertwine and gain understanding." And we both crawled in the tent. And snuggled up close this closeness was almost instinctive it felt so natural, he smiled for once in his life he felt as if he belonged. With that final thought. They both immediately began to fade off to sleep. And as they did  both heros could feel there bond strengthen.

As both heros slept Hara watched a pain in her heart for she did not trust demi gods, and now once again the fait of all Olympus weighed up on these two. So tiny to hold so much power, They will not fail my queen, Hara in surprise stepped back And saw Ares, Ares continued all of Olympus rides with these two Zues and Poseidon there treaty and union only stands to strengthen Olympus, my queen you must believe.

As the sun  came up both heros had already packed up there camp and were preparing to head to pleasure pear, and find out what secrets there fathers had placed for them to uncover.


Meet me back here for part two of kaya and tazix adventure.

Atles the titan and his return to tatartus


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