STEPH JONES2022/07/01 21:21

Left between dark and light,

Struggling throughout pain and joy,

Wondering whether to smile or cry,

Left through hollow and depression,

Broken pieces that can’t be mend,

Mario songs are only those I hear,

Sadness has filled my swollen eyes.

Trying selecting who to blame,

I only see a mirror with my reflection,

A radio playing my melodic word to her,

Then a darkness where there’s no one but me.

All eyes on me I can’t escape,

All jokes on me I can’t hide,

Hunted by days she was my happiness,

Today she’s the onion to my eyes,

Tears near her drop without stopping.

Depressed yes I am,

I have to act strong still,

Left in a a complex dilemma,

And left with my fractured heart.


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