Lenny the poet2022/07/01 20:18

It's a short love story which ended with friendzone but the guy is not giving up on her

I travelled hundred miles

To see her smile

On my way I lost important files

But I didn't mind

Coz I had her in mind

Hope one day she will be mine

I went ahead and told her I miss you

So I'm gonna ask for a kiss

Hope you won't resist

Coz I'm gonna insist

For a while she run her eyes over me as if to inspect

In my mind I was like "what does she suspect?"

Then she said "I don't know what you expect but all I feel for you is respect

I like you you are a nice guy but all we can be is Just Friends"

I stood there wondering maybe given a different approach

We could still reconnect

But I guess that was her way of reject

I couldn't help but wonder how I thought we could make a perfect match

I didn't know what I did wrong coz

All I ever wanted was to be the one who always rise her up before sunrise make her shine

Before sunshine

hoping she will understand I won't let her down

Even when the sun goes down

And to be there when her tears run down

To wipe them down

My buddies say there are a million girls

They say in this fight for her love I should step down because she will only let me down

but she is thee one my one in a million

So like a soldier I won't stand down

I'll fight till that end

and for her love am ready to spend

I won't rest

until she sees me as her best

Until my chest becomes her place of rest

She is my only taste and her love is my test

She is thee one


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