You curious right register and see for yourself 😊🤑

pavlov2022/07/01 12:31
You curious right
register and see for yourself 😊🤑

BBot quantitative robot is the latest quantitative strategy product launched by Binance, the world's top cryptocurrency exchange.

B stands for Binance, BOT stands for intelligent quantitative robot, so our product is called BBOTMainly to make money through BBOT quantitative trading robots

The role of the BBOT robot is to arbitrage to earn the difference

Because the same currency has different prices on different exchanges at the same time

For example, the price of X on the A exchange is 900, and the price of B on the exchange is 910

The robot can buy on exchange A and sell on exchange B in a very short time, earning the difference

Because of every robot transaction, BBOT can get three thousandths of the handling fee from it

That's how BBOT makes money, so it requires you to run the bot all the time, that's your job

For more details, contact :0552476854(whatsapp or 📞)



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