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Easy Move Elevator Company is well known in the industry of lift and escalators. We provide Excellent products of elevators at affordable rates all over Ethiopia. Beautiful designs of all elevators are available to make your property worthy. Easy move is serving for many years.


A home Elevator Company is the way to go if you're looking to raise the value of your home while also adding convenience to your lifestyle. Vacuum elevators are the newest models that transport you from floor to floor in pneumatic tubes using the force of suction. If you're interested in learning more about vacuum elevators in Ethiopia.


The Basics in Ethiopia

Traditional elevators have a diameter of 42 inches, while vacuum elevators are just 37 inches in diameter and include an 11-inch pump box at the top. Additionally, vacuum elevators do not need a pit or a separate machine room. Although new designs are being designed to accommodate wheelchairs, many have doors that are only 20 inches wide, making it impossible for wheelchairs to pass through them.

Depending on the number of stories, a basic 37-inch vacuum elevator might cost between $34,000 and $47,000, including installation. The maximum weight that can be lifted by 37-inch vacuum elevators is 450 pounds, and their travel speed is 30 feet per minute in Ethiopia.

Installation of vacuum elevators can be completed in two days, and they need very little care; nevertheless, it is advised that the outer surface be cleaned once every thirty days.

The liner, which is responsible for helping to establish an airtight chamber above the unit, needs to be replaced after approximately 15,000 elevator rides. It's possible that the vacuum pumps will need to be replaced as well, despite the fact that they should survive for many years.


The Benefits

There are many advantages to installing a vacuum elevator in your home, including the following:

Having an elevator that is powered by ground-breaking vacuum technology puts you at the forefront of innovation.

Because of its streamlined and space-saving design, the camera can be set up virtually anywhere in the house to provide a panoramic view in all directions.

Vacuum elevators are versatile and quick, moving at a rate of thirty feet per minute and offering two or three pauses for a total travel distance of up to thirty-five feet.

They are safe with improved safety mechanisms that prevent falling, and in the case that the power goes out, the elevator will return to the ground floor automatically.

The ascent in vacuum elevators uses low energy thanks to the use of 220 volt turbines, while the drop uses no energy at all. This makes vacuum elevators very energy efficient.

They do not require any upkeep, although a monthly light cleaning is required.

The installation of a vacuum elevator requires no excavation, hatch, or expensive machine room, making them an affordable option.

You can get a great bargain on a pneumatic vacuum elevator with Nationwide Lifts. This type of Elevator Company can be constructed in as little as two days, offers passengers a beautiful view, and functions easily by moving the cab slowly and in a secure manner in Ethiopia. We provide installation, maintenance, and warranties, which together ensure that your vacuum elevator will continue to function without incident for many years to come.


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