💙Optimistic✍️💙2022/07/01 01:15

Im me, a fine soils glueing together to mould an handsome me.

I am me even if I'm ugly, the ugliness still makes me unique because there isn't no way u could be me.

I am me, and forever priceless like a life who can not be duplicated.

I am me because what God deposited in me, the inbuilt talents,dreams and aspirations can not be altered and change into yours.

I am me because the moment I decide to take a meaningful steps might be when u are engulfed with awkward taught.

I am me and I don't pray to be you and that makes me unique and stand out like that of a Z whose no letter had comes after it.

I am me, I neither envy you nor jealous of you because no way I could be reconstructed into u.

I am me, I take responsibility for my actions and pay no or less attention to yours.

I am me because I'm contented and happy being me.

I am me because that is the greatest joy a man can give to himself.

I am me because I do what pleases me and not trying to copy yours.

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