Untouched poem

Nameless2022/06/30 19:33
Untouched poem

. . . .

An untouched poem


How do I write a poem

for you

your hands are to hold me .

Neither Daffodil with snow

Nor Night Jasmine' s night in me

Let me give you what

your heart desire

How do I write for poem for you .

Sunflowers are yet to bloom

Will you please define

Your Sweet aura.

How do I write a poem

If your heart cries and

afraid of the stormy night .

It's just the green of the rainy season

They are drowned in the floods

There is darkness all around Doomy storm

The demon does not obey the sun

I don't know the reason why

People seek people's hearts

Goes and tired

To worship the heart

At the altar of life

Life is meaningless.

The language of tears is in my poetry

I see a picture of pain in my tears.

How do I write people's poems?

How can I hand it over to you?

This is my poem.

It is the words of a meaningless man

full of vein counsel

There is no light that I don't see in the sky

My poem is naked in the land of men.

What else do you give me?

Never I can write a poem

which is engraved in valley of death .




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