Education,a perfect tool of being an intellectual laborer,serving and thereby earning

Tapan Sarkar2022/06/30 14:32

Education as a perfect tool of producing intellectual laborer for greater cause

Education,a worldwide extremely well-researched concept now is such a signficant factor without which individual as well as democratic progress can never be dreamt of.Being such a matter of creation and productivity,it's horizon is expanding day by day in the field of science,technology,arts,business ventures and so on.But in case of educating folks,the serious concern that should be prioritized is using it as a perfect means of producing human resources serving as intellectual laborer.That concern based on security and employability will retain a more assertive community thrasing progress to a vocational output at towering dimension.It needs to be investigated throughly whether students are relying on their individual skills and calibre for a change towards positivity and self-employment.Cause if students are taught to think economically from an earlier stage,they will be democratically more stable and productive.Putting an everlasting impression in their minds that they are potential human resources by means of education and experimentation will ensure a more potential future for them.Therefor,an earnest attempt to bring education forefront as a purpose of producing intellectual laborer will help them to remain grounded in taking responsibilities for a secure life and the successive generations will turn into greater assets.

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