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I started writing poems during the heights of the pandemic, along with the discovery and enrichment of my other hobbies - planting and cooking. It's just my way of coping up from the challenges that have brought about by the new normal. I was inspired to write this poem when my friend gave me a small packet of saffron and asked me to put it in rice porridge and soups.



by Louma 🌿

What is something unique with saffron,
That makes cooking a celebration?
It's the world's most expensive spice,
Per gram is quite a hefty price.

Taken from the flower of a plant,
That's tediously harvested by hand,
It's the stigma of Crocus sativus,
Which in cooking serves a multipurpose.

Oh it just blooms for one week every year,
And only three stigma threads per flower,
It should be taken in the mid-morning,
While closed petals are still there protecting.

It has of great medicinal value,
Which cures pre-menstrual syndrome issue,
With antioxidants for cancer prevention,
And other properties to reduce depression.

It has extremely subtle fragrance,
That gives food yellowish appearance,
Believed to be originated in Greece,
And now it's grown too in other countries.


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