Who's faulty...??

RJK2022/06/29 16:43

The news headlines read… “At least 46 found dead in back of tractor-trailer.” This deadly incident occurred in San Antonio, Texas on Monday the 27th of June 2022 when the people were migrating along US-Mexico border. The cause of death was suffocation, heat stroke, exhaustion. Among the total 16 were hospitalized. Though the nationality of the immigrants is not confirmed yet.

So, basically what do you think who’s faulty here? The immigrants? Or the driver of trailer? Or the government?

Everyone would have their own opinions. Let’s imagine if the country in which you reside basically would provide the opportunities as needed, the pollution free surroundings, equality specially in religion & caste, healthy food and facilities…what would you do? Will you migrate to other country excluding your personal reasons? I think the majority will say no. Especially when the laws would be strict not against the civilians, I need to mention this thing coz in our country it’s in favor of wealthy and powerful.

We are just fighting over temples. This masjid was a temple, this monument was a temple. Do you love or just sell the god? It is said that we have the power within ourselves which we also call the god…we are not able to protect it instead we are just fighting with our god that resides in every human that this is yours, this is mine.

Even the god would think that I am only one power and they are just cutting me into pieces. What if someone cuts you into pieces, you would be extremely get hurt, so why we don’t care about god and expect that the god would give you blessings. The head of a nation should be egalitarian but in India he is just indulged in his own religion.

So, finally if the government would mind in making the country worth living, there would be no migration except people’s own personal reasons. Because if migration would be less, there would be no illegal immigrants.





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