Muyibiggy2022/06/29 13:10

There are always two sides to a coin and opposites to words, which applies to human lives as well. Be encouraged to stand strong in any side of the coin u find yourself.

Deadly alive

If eventually I died just know I lived...

I was happy and I was sad,

I was rich and I was broke ,

I was smart and I was stupid ,

I was on Afro and I was bald,

I was cute and I was ugly ,

I was careful and I was careless ,

I was mathematical but yet I took risks ,

I was in-love,loved and hated ,

I was illiterate and was literate,

I was respected and was disrespected,

I was accepted and was rejected ,

I was a winner and was a looser........ in all of this seasons I was alive and had my days counting cos regardless of it all I was only living for death just like everyone else.


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