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Juwon Jeremiah Owolabi was born into a reasonably poor family and he grew up with a pernicious illness, asthma, which miraculously disappeared as he grew much older. He hails from one of the most ancient Yoruba metropolis, Oke-Ila Orangun in Ifedayo Local Governement in Osun state, Nigeria. Juwon Owolabi is a portable philanthropist and a born again Christian.

He is one of the few conscientious believers who has taken upon themselves the indispensable onus of energizing and prodding the arriving generation with sound knowledge of their dying heritages which have received so little attention over the years. He has relentlessly demonstrated this culture of educating and inducting the younger generation into their origin and history with an irrepressible habit of informing and reminding them about their fast-withering virtues, harnessing the youths most used platforms, social media especially and opening up their eyes to the reasons why they must be embraced...

He has, in this wise, forged a traditional symposium anchored periodically online where he tells, nourishes and educates the younger people about how useful yoruba culture and certain yoruba milieus are and which of course, rather regrettably, have been least curdled overtimes and hence left to suffer a discomforting affliction of utter rejection.

He is into volunteering cores and in fact a member of "Oke-Ila Orangun Youth Exemplar Foundation" an NGO team established in 2020 to help the young but poor people realise their full potentials by supporting them in their academics for those who have chosen to go to school, and empower those who desire to learn a vocation by enrolling them in the vocation of their choice and subsequently providing them with the equipment they need in their chosen pursuit upon the completion of the training.

He has worked as an Evangelist Pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church both in the Kwara Conference and Osun Conference, Nigeria, of the congregation respectively (2015-2018).

He is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University (2018-2023), one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria. And an active member of Federation Of Oke-Ila Orangun Students' Union of which he received " Presidential Award of Impact" in 2020 as the outstanding member of the association of the year.

He is moreover the first Chief Press Secretary of the association (2022). He is one of the best writers who won a consolatory prize award during "Dotun Oyeniyi Academic and Creative Writing Competition" in 2021. An annual competition indiscriminately jogging across the Ifedayo and Ila Orangun Local Government Areas' boundaries.

He is a notorious agitator for a new and reformed Nigeria. He is however a seasoned writer, garnished poet and a rare novelist. Some of his unpublished works include, "Market in the grave" an anthology of poems and "A Shadow in a Forest" an historical novel.


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