Imam Sarafadeen2022/06/29 08:21

Oh my love!

I don't need to search for angels

Because you are my angel

I can't see anything but you

I see no reason to find myself

I go sleepless reminiscing your words

You are shaking my whole life with your fiery looks

Oh my love!

You have infected me with your love

You hold my life my beloved one

I've never lost to anyone before

But you defeated me with your gaze

Are you the goddess of beauty or love?

Oh my love!

The morning has not changed yet

And the dream about you haven't bygone my brain

I don't want anything

Because your thoughts are still on my mind

Oh my love!

Love itself is a kind of pain

And that pain is pleasurable too

You set a fire that's melting my heart

Oh my loved one.


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