Cara2022/07/01 16:09

I never have the urge to take pictures of the moments I'm living, their engagement with my consciousness is enough.

The perks of being forgetful are

U only remember what got soaked in you and pierced your heart and made a permanent home in your subconsciousness.


I can't believe I'm the closed room in a castle where nothing goes inside and a little comes outside.

There exists only a window

U think you know the world by seeing from it's perspective

But it's not like living *in* the world

You think this is time of the year when snows falls, how mesmerizing

But you're not aware of the freezing blood and shaky breaths hidden behind it ...


Boat of my consciousness is merely floating on the water of circumstances and consequences, I'm not aware of the storm inside me neither I'm aware of the storm ahead, I lack the oars to control my way forth. I'm on the mercy of the waves, pushing me forward to the end I know nothing about.

How do you guys interpret consciousness?

Tell in the comments e


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