Top 10 Fascinating Fun Facts

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The world is an insane place. Even the most mundane, mundane, mundane things can have a strange backstory—or do something you had no idea they could. Did you know that worms consume four to six times their body weight each day? Or that trained pigeons can tell Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso apart? Who would have guessed?

Top 10 Fascinating Fun Facts

Top 10 fascinating FUN facts

The world is an insane place. Even the most mundane, mundane, mundane things can have a strange backstory—or do something you had no idea they could. Did you know that worms consume four to six times their body weight each day? Or that trained pigeons can tell Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso apart? Who would have guessed?

Most people would probably agree that there are few things more awkward than long awkward silences during conversations or gatherings. That's why knowing a few (or more) random fun facts can be a good strategy for avoiding awkward situations. "Hey, did you know that [insert surprising facts about Halloween, Easter, or American history here]?" is a simple way to transition from an uncomfortable topic or awkward moment. It's also a surprisingly simple way to reintroduce playfulness and curiosity into a conversation.

Whether you're on a first date or trying to strike up a conversation at the office, remembering a few fun trivia facts can help you feel more at ease. If you prefer, you can narrow your focus to specific topics.

But there are also dangers out there. Bacteria have infested your cell phone (see below), and traces of the bubonic plague have been discovered in the New York City subway. Things you've taken for granted or that appear perfectly normal can be surprised when you dig a little deeper. Like New York City, which has its own indigenous species of ant known as the ManhattAnt? Did you also know that history's most successful pirate was a woman, not a bearded, eyepatch-wearing man? And did you know that humans have the ability to smell rain before it falls? Congratulations if you answered "no" to any of these questions! You're in for a real treat because we've compiled a list of ten completely fascinating facts that will astound you.

1. Is it mosquito-free?

What images come to mind when you hear the word Iceland?

An island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, or is it known for its cold climate or volcanoes? This lovely country has all of that and more. Did you know that this island has the distinction of being the only country on the planet without mosquitoes?

According to research for, the country's low temperature, which can reach 38°C, lack of stagnant water, inhospitable conditions such as the composition of the waters, soil, and general climate are the facts for this interesting fate. So, I believe my needed vacation would be in Iceland. I despise mosquitoes.

2. Toddler sized onion

If you find chopping regular onions to be a tear-jerking experience, this monstrous vegetable will have you crying buckets. Tony Glover's 18ib 11oz mega-onion has catapulted him into the Guinness Book of World Records, outweighing the previous record holder Peter Glazebrooks by 10ibs.

And while a bag of onions from the supermarket costs less than a pound, champion gardner Mr Glover, from Moira in Leicestershire, believes it's well worth the extra effort. "I give them nitrogen rich food and have to make sure the humidity is just right" said the 49 year old.

"I have also got grow lights fitted to the greenhouse inside to stimulate the sun when the days get shorter or when the weather isn't very good". Mr Glover said it took him nearly a year to grow the super vegetable but loves what he does. Seriously who wouldn't, growing a toddler sized onion is record breaking and amazing. Source:

3. Echo echo

We've all heard of the "King of the Jungle," haven't we?

The mighty Lion. But the preceding fact, however, is not for them.

Don't be sad, because we'll be discussing their next-door neighbors, the Tigers. Aside from the fact that this 660-pound, 13-foot creature can consume more than 80 pounds of meat in a single meal, the interesting fact that draws our attention is their "Roar."

According to, A tigers roar can be heard nearly two miles away. It turns out that this terrific creatures can stretch their vocal cords in a special way that pumps up the volume of their vocalizations. Wow, terrifying but amazing I think we should change that king of the jungle title or what do you think?


4. Beautiful and Fascinating

Before we jump right into the fourth fact on this list, can I ask you a brief question? My question is "what's the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?" That captivating sight that made your feet want to explode. Well, answer that one ok.

Let's get right into it shall we! The fourth fact on our list is Sunsets. You know that beautiful, colourful sight you see early in the morning and towards the evening (sundown), the interesting fact about it is how it exists.

Well according to the, sunsets only exists because Earth's atmosphere acts as a prism for light. In scientific terms, it's called "scattering". That is, molecules and particles in the atmosphere which are more numerous at sunset scatter short - wavelength violet and blue light light away from your eyes. Allowing you to see the other colors on the spectrum (colour's like yellow and orange).

Wow hope you have learned something new!

5. Ascending the throne at 14

At age 14, I was in the ninth grade reading tirelessly from front coming exams. I won't say that for everyone though but for young Louis, he was about taking charge of the France council after the death of his father. But ascending the throne at that young age is not what made the fascinating facts but the fact that Louis xiv of France, born in September 5,1638 ascended the throne at age 14 and eventually became the longest reigning monarch ever. He ruled for 72 years, 110 days. Pretty exhausting right?

Source: xiv of France

6. The Conspiring Lemurs

Wow, sixth on our list of top 10 fascinating world facts are Lemurs? Seriously, what does this wet-nosed mammals of the superfamily Lemuroidea has to occur? Well, this adorable creatures has something to offer you right.

Ranging from their adorable eyes and monkey like tails, this fellows loves to work in groups and the fascinating story about this guy's is the fact that a group of Lemurs is actually called (wait for it) a "conspiracy". Really they actually conspiracy within themselves on how to outsmart preys. Pretty smart right? Well I think you should have a second thought having them as pets though, You never can tell!


7. An Expensive Hobby

Have you ever watched "El violin (The violin) 2005, directed by Francisco Vergas and starring Angel Tavira movie made me pick up interest in violins. And you see that bowed stringed instrument having four strings tuned at intervals of a fifth and a usual range from G below middle C upward for more than 4⅓ octaves, is actually made up of 70 different pieces of wood. Thus, explaining why some of them are so expensive (one even sold for $16 million). Talk about a potentially very expensive hobby.


8. More Than 1,300 year's old

Do you know that the world's oldest hotel has been operating since 705.AD. The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamanashi, Japan holds the Guinness Book Records for being the oldest hotel in the world. The hot spring hotel sits at the foot of the stunning Akaishi Mountains and has been in operation since it was founded by Fujiwara Mahito in 705 AD. Since then, it has been in the hands of some 52 generations of the same heritage for more than 1,300 years.

Wow that should be several generations gone, just wonder how it survived several Japanese wars over those years till now. Source: Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan-wikipedia

9. Freaking but awesome creatures

Nothing like a lovely lobster dinner with a glass of white wine! But lobster has some usual habits. These strange animals have no vocal cords, possess two stomachs and have been known to eat each other. But you don't think about all that when a big red one lands on your dinner plate. There's nothing like extracting large pieces of lobster meal from the shell, swirling them in warm drawn butter, adding a squeeze of lemon and savoring each sweet, delicious bite. Yummy right! But do you know that this delicious creatures actually pee out of their faces! Well, they do but what's more interesting is the fact that they use that to attract a mating mate. Gross right?


10. Genetic or not?

Number 10 on my list is something you kinda do ever day, you know that moment when someone you like teases you and you're kind of...... You see, You're blushing already.

When one fascinating fact about that little reddening of a person's face is that it's caused by a rush of adrenaline and it's genetic. So if you're prone to it, it's likely that one of your parents is too. Don't form a detective ok cause I didn't ask you to.


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