This tells the story of the struggle of a man upon loving a woman, who is not fully committed, who is somewhat playing games with the man, in order for the man to face reality, he was to wake up from the nightmare of loving the girl.


Will I be conscious of what is

around me in order to see the

real you

Will I be neglected and starve

to death with your humbled


Will I provide you with gifts

and riches for me to feel

that you love me

Speak to me on what to do

in order to seek your feelings

for me

for I know the true purpose

of you, I am just some what

of your fling

a past time to be, you were

never serious in the first place

and still up to now

you are just looking at me

as a rug, as your wiper boy

doing all the things

that no one would do

for you, that I only have

the courage to do

I wanna cry and tell you

that I am a bullshit when

it comes to love

maybe the time was come

to face the truth, to wake up

from this nightmare

to admit that I am nothing

to you


June 29, 2022


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