Valentine W2022/06/28 22:36

A writing going out to those who feel lonely yet they always wear a smile to cover their inner screams

Hiding the hurt hiding the pain hiding the tears that fall like rain

I say am fine

my skies are dark and days grey with no love to light my way

so down and blue slowly consumed by loneliness

surrounded by many a lone soul I remain

feelings of nobody knowing me

for they only know my cover

Wearing a smile to hide my feelings behind a lie

my fragile lies will soon collapse exposing my dark gothic smiles and laughs

smiles that hides my tears and laughs my screams

practising my smiles in the mirror perfecting my fake laugh making it clearer slowly I die within

I fight a battle that's too hard to win

but how can battle myself and win

when the greatest enemy resides within I wanna be me for peace to reign

but how can be me when even I remain a mystery

I wish they could see how damaged I am inside I wish could let it free and let them know what's laying underneath

a lone soul aback sit

waiting for someone to see I wear a mask

and care enough to remove it is that too much to ask?



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