Destiny's way

Nameless2022/06/28 20:13

This is me.

My name is amaka chidi. Life has always been so unfair to me.

Every night before I go to bed I will always cry myself to sleep and whenever I wake up, I always wish I was never alive.

My parents MR. and MRS chidi had passed away while I was just 7 year old.

I was the only child of my parents and I leaved in a remote village called ekude village where the hopes of life lies on the goddess of the river, goddess Mmiri.

Elude village was a very peaceful place but all these peace didn't matter to me. I thought life was harsh on me.

After the death of my parents. My uncle adopted me as his child but I was never loved. My uncle and his wife Mrs eze was a very cruel way who vowed from the beginning to make my already worse life worst. She never loved me. She hated to the core of her bones and did just about any thing to make me miserable. She also encouraged her children Ada and amadi to be mean to me. But Amadi never listened to his mother's wrong advise but rather tried his best to make me happy in sad moments. He was basically my only friend in the eze hut


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