The rise of Dimeji Lawal, popularly known as Demjay1

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Dimeji Lawal popularly known as Demjay1 is a Nigerian socialite and creator and also a lifestyle enthusiast , born in ogun state ,Nigerian but grew up in ago-okota, Lagos state visited and lived in Adelaide, Australia since 16 years old.

The rise of Dimeji Lawal, popularly known as Demjay1

He started as an ambitious employee for

numerous companies in Nigeria to set up himself. As soon as he was able to make some money, he invested in some companies.

sector amongst other businesses.

Talking about his plans for the future he shares, 'I want to invest more in my country.

I want to have been able to tick all the

countries I plan to visit. Make more money,

more businesses and have all the luxury I can

lay my hands on and as well give back to the

society. I'm looking at the Nigerian music

scene as well. It has been a lucrative market

so far. I'm looking at establishing a music

company where I can invest on talented

upcoming artistes, where they can get towork and get heard.

Demjay1 is also known for his extravagant lifestyle on the internet and he loves to travel. He has visited numerous countries and still plans to visit more before the end of the year. Speaking on his growing rise he

shares, Well, I think my way of life makes me famous. Knowing fully well we all like to be associated with the rich and famous. So I decided to be jovial, I also have brand influencers as friends who usually put me out there in high esteem.

He is much known on social media for his expensive lifestyle, philanthropic duties, travel , TikTok and bizarre fashion sense. Demjay1 who has won over 6 awards is now household name in the Nigerian

Entertainment industry as he has carved a Niche for himself over the years.

(Dee jay


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