sometimes the hurt will never subside so easily, it will linger in the heart, specially if loving the person was true and pure


Until now I am waiting

if you would be mine without

any chances that it could

be true

I'd like to think that

whatever would happen

you would choose me

above anyone else

but I know it will not

happen, you have proven

that I am dispensable

and can be replace

in the one instance that

you would go and leave

just for an old traditional

belief over your love for me

you made me cry harder

than I had imagine, you

made me beg for you love

while you were laughing

I could never forget

that day, I could never

really erased in my mind

and in my heart

but still I love you

still I am willing to die

for you, if that would be

that case

I'll sacrifice my love

for you


June 28, 2022


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