Saviocassidy2022/06/27 18:27

The kit is like wing

Treated me like I dropped down from heaven

Through the village in my seven over seven

The wear that has known many cheers

I smile returned the greetings, was soothing

Panacea to my fear

Impression is lasting, open arms is be fitting

A west blood on the street in east, all for service

Too many doors to open, oneness is the key

Practice how I preach it, I soak myself in service

Uniform is lined with sacrificing

Service to responsibility, clarion duty

With sentiments trapped by reasons

And truancy drowning in maturity

The corps I see it, is the bricks to build it

So lift it, cast the doubt, and get your gear into it

Wear your strength like shirt,

And soak your shirt with sweat

Be true to pledge

Till your dust hit the earth

Blind to money

I lost sight of the prizes

We for us, on the race to find me

I lost myself to service

Me among my people that’s how I see it

Community development till I, add honour to my CV

Community development till I, add honour to my CV

Unity! Till I have the community a family

Community development till, add honour to my CV

Unity! Till we have the country a community


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