Kelvin writes2022/06/27 12:35

If heaven had visiting hours,

I would talk to God like I talk to myself,

I want to see him shrug when I tell him I'm losing faith.

I want to watch him stay quiet for a while, and say, God?

What's on your mind?

If heaven had visiting hours,

I would take a stroll with Jesus when I feel depressed,

I want his hands on my shoulder when I pour out my heart so I can look up in his eyes and say, you feel me right?

cause friends are supposed to feel each other.

If heaven had visiting hours,

I wish we could take prayers for urgent needs along with us

like, father, I have a friend whose kidney isn't joking

I have a neighbour who has four kids and lives alone.

I have tons of needs but I chose to pray for hungry kids.

If heaven had visiting hours,

No one would doubt what could be possible in their life.

people with conflict would take it to God on visiting days

no one would treat immigrants like they don't belong,

anyone who wants to ask for God's help, won't refuse to offer help.

Kelvin writes

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