Don't call me back

Teemøtea2022/06/26 21:58
Don't call me back

There was a time I loved you like I won't with another 😑

My everyday doings revolved around you 👉

I imagined us doing great things together👫

Everything felt so perfect and cool 😎

I fantasized a world with only you forever 🌏

But it dawns one me that I was only a fool🥺

I guess I was drugged to have thought you were different from all other😕

I was blinded by trust that I got duped without a clue 😶

It's fine, I'm pulling out of this bittersweet pool 🥺

I don't think I can go any further ⛔⛔🙅

I no longer pant for your love to pursue😒

Thanks alot I'm not broken but stronger😏

Let me be I've had my full 💔

Don't call me back, pls don't ever 🙏🚫




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